Nutritionist Consultation

Chuckout THE RULES:Fitness, Nutrition,Wellness: You gonna have one-to-one with our science backed Nutritionists with following agenda’s:Ask to Explain about your health/lifestyle pattern history,Get your basic test done [read more="Click here to Read More" less="Read Less"]like BMI,BMR,Fat% ..etc Will be educated a bit on few of the very promising diet techniques, Unlearn the Myths Will be ask to explain your goals, so please prepare and have clear vision on that As per goal,schedule pattern, will be given with a flexible and practical customized diet plan. [/read]

Doorstep Diet Meal Delivery

Once your customized diet planned by our Nutritionist will cook and deliver it on time to your office/home as per your convenience. Doorsteps delivery will be available only if you are going to subscription mode like(weekly,monthly..etc).


This is nothing but Transformation tracking of our clients on certain interval , getting their feedback in term of food quality, quantity, test...etc, the most importantly getting to know how effectively the guided diet plan working for you in term of your goal, do you feel [read more="Click here to Read More" less="Read Less"] allergy with any of macro ingredient included in your diet , changing the plan according to received feedback from you. [/read]

Diet Plans

These Diet plans may be The Sample outcome of your discussion with our nutritionist,price tags  displayed over here may vary a bit because we maintain live price base which is very much dependent upon daily  market value.

    High Carb     (60:25:15)

Per Meal – 150/-
Weekly Subscription 870/-
Monthly – Subscription 3770/-

Moderate Carb (50:30:20)

Per Meal – 170/-
Weekly – Subscription 990/-
Monthly – Subscription 4290/-

          Zone Diet            (40:30:30)

Per Meal – 180/-
Weekly – Subscription 1050/-
Monthly – Subscription 4550/-

        Low Carb         (25:35:40)

Per Meal – 180/-
Weekly – Subscription 1050/-
Monthly – Subscription 4550/-

      Keto Diet         (05:35:60)​

Per Meal – 200/-
Weekly – Subscription 1165/-
Monthly – Subscription 5070/-

We are fitness enthusiastic:  group of  people who wants to create a platform which can bring solution to over come on various dieting obstacles.   

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